Anti glare led downlights V6081

Anti glare led downlights  V6081 is hot-sale downlight of Vertex Lighting. Speaking of the light source and driver, we adopt high quality chip and dimmable driver.  It owns relevant international certification, like CE, RoHS for EU market. 

A IP44 rated version of the luxury range of LED Anti glare led downlights. It reduce ceiling brightness, soften light output and help soften light glare to release a softer and more comfortable light. These fully integrated downlights contain everything you need including an LED light source and LED driver.

Description: Anti Glare Led Downlights

Recessed IP44, round diameter Ø96mm, Ø84mm cut out, 8W anti glare led downlights.
Model No.: V6081

Brand:    Vertex/ OEM available.
MOQ:     1000pcs
Production ability: 100,000pcs per month
Payment terms: 30% as deposit and balance should be paid before shipment.
Original:   China
Certificate: CE, RoHS
Package:  White/grey box for inner package, carton for outer package. Need to collect extra fee for customized color box.

Features : Anti Glare Led Downlight

  • Anti-glare design;
  • Dimmable led driver with fast connector, easy for connection;
  • Triac dimming, 0-10V/1-10V , DALI ;
  • PMMA optical led lens, 40° beam angle.

Detailed specification of anti glare led downlights:



IP rating





(>90 available)

Beam angle


Luminous flux


Fire rated


Luminous efficiency

70 lm/W

Installation way



Aluminum housing

Lighting resource

COB led


8 W

Bezel color

White, Brush Nickel,

Protection Classes

Class III

Brand of led

Cree, Luminus, Bridgelux,
Chinese brand led.

Brand of led converter



AC 220-240V 50/ 60Hz AC120V(+-10%) 50/ 60Hz

Insulation Covered


Dimmable with leading and traiing edge(warm dimming available)
Power Supply

DC 36V 180mA


External Driver

Power Factor



Over 40,000 hours


5 years warranty

With fast connector

With 3 or 5 wires fast connector in terminal box.


Fixed Version and anti-glare.


Product Show: Anti Glare Led Downlight

Anti Glare Recessed Downlight

What are the Components of Anti Glare Led Downlight?

The anti glare led downlight consists of connector, Vertex driver, aluminum radiator, light bezel, lends, and cree/bridgelux/luminus. Each components has its features.
Components Feature
CONNECTOR  Fast connector
for customer convenience
CREE /BRIDGELUX/LUMINUS  Soft and even lighting effect
LENS 40°PMMA lens, perfect optical design
LIGHT BEZEL Abrasive lamp surface
well heat dissipation
VERTEX DRIVER 40,000 hours long lifespan

Anti Glare Recessed Downlight
Anti Glare Recessed Downlight


Applications: Anti Glare Downlight

V6081 8W anti glare led downlights can make a wouderful lighting ambient in rooms, kitchen, office, bathroom etc.
Anti Glare Recessed Downlight

Vertex Quality Control System: 

Anti Glare Recessed Downlight


Question: How to choose the right Color Temperature?

Answer: Color rendering and appearance are critical considerations in light source selections.Correlated Color Temperature(CCT)relates to the color of light produced by a light source,and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale.
Colorrendering index(CRI)is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors.The higher the CRI(80 and above).the better the artificial light source is at rendering colors accurately.
Warm White(2600K-3200K)is the warmest option that most closely approximates a standard halogen bulb.It is most often used in areas like living rooms.
Bright White(3200K-4500K)is a whiter light than soft white and is most often selected for kitchens and bathrooms or work spaces.
Daylight(4500K-6500K)is recommended for reading areas or for use in craft rooms and is a more bluish white that mos closely approximates an outdoor overcast sky.
Question: How many lights am I going to need?
Answer:  This question has no easy answer,as opinions on this subject vary greatly.However,a good rule of thmb is to take the height of the ceiling and divide it in half.This is the distance that each light should be from one another.The total number of lights will also be affected by the type and wattage of bulb being used.Spot lights with narrow beams will produce pockets or pools of light,while flood type bulbs will produce broader amounts of light.
Question: Are LEDs bad for your eyes?
Answer: Like any light source,if you stare too long it will cause some discomfort and or imaging.However,if LED products are used the same way traditional lighting is used,they will not damage your eyes.

Question: Why Choose Vertex Lighting?
Answer: With over 22 years in the lighting industry,Vertex Lighting is concentrated on researching and producing, innovative lighting products,supplying best solutions for electricians,to save time and protect their safety,and gives 5 years warranty for most of our products.

What is Anti Glare Downlight?

The anti glare led downlight aims to reduce the glare from the lighting to provide a comfortable lighting effect. Veretx also has posted an article to give a full illustration about the anti glare led downlight: What Is An Anti-Glare Downlight?

What are the Benefits of Investing Anti Glare Led Downlights?

Investing in anti glare led downlights can offer several benefits, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. These anti glare led downlights are designed to reduce glare and provide a more comfortable and visually appealing lighting environment. Here are some of the benefits of using anti glare led downlights:

Reduced Glare

Anti glare led downlights are specifically designed to minimize glare and eliminate the harsh, uncomfortable light that can strain your eyes. This makes them ideal for spaces where visual comfort is important, such as homes, offices, and commercial settings.

Improved Visual Comfort

By reducing glare, anti glare led downlights create a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your space. They help prevent eye strain, which is especially important in areas where people work, read, or spend extended periods of time.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Anti glare led downlights have a clean and unobtrusive design, making them visually appealing. They blend well with various interior design styles and provide a modern and sophisticated look to your space.

Energy Efficiency

Like other LED lighting options, anti glare led downlights are energy-efficient. They consume less electricity compared to traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.


LED lights are known for their long lifespan, which can be up to 25,000 hours or more. This means you'll spend less on maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Adjustable Beam Angle

Some anti glare led downlights come with adjustable beam angles, allowing you to direct the light where it's needed most. This flexibility is especially useful in accent lighting or task lighting applications.


Many anti glare led downlights are compatible with dimmer switches, giving you control over the light intensity and mood in your space.


Anti glare led downlights are suitable for a variety of applications, including general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. They are commonly used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, retail stores, and commercial spaces.

What are the Features of Anti Glare Led Downlight?

This mode of anti glare led downlight is here to redefine your lighting experience. Here are the main features of the anti glare led downlight:

Engineered Excellence

This anti glare led downlight is one of the best led downlights in the Vertex, because it adopts the igh-quality chip and a dimmable driver. With these fabulous components, the user is able to control the lighting atmosphere by the anti glare led downlight.

Certified Brilliance

This anti glare led downlight is backed by international certifications, including CE and RoHS, making it the ideal choice for the EU market.

The Magic of Anti-Glare

This anti glare led downlight belongs to our luxury range of LED Anti Glare Downlights. It's designed to reduce ceiling brightness, soften light output, and eliminate annoying glare, providing you with a softer, more comfortable illumination.

Precision Illumination

The V6081 anti glare led downlight features a PMMA optical LED lens with a 40° beam angle, delivering pinpoint lighting where you need it most. Say goodbye to uneven illumination and hello to perfection.