Sep 26 2022

Purchasing Guide to Surface Mounted Downlight

When comes to interior design projects, you need to bear in mind that lighting is one of the most critical aspects of your design. It could greatly determine whether there is sufficient lighting for your daily activities

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Sep 20 2022

How Many Recessed Lights in Kitchen

Recessed lights always are the main trend in interior decoration projects. The sleek, minimalist design of downlight recessed light makes them integrate seamlessly with all interior design styles and can be installed in

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Jun 24 2022

Are All LED Recessed Lights Dimmable?

As a matter of fact, not all luminaire recessed lighting is dimmable. The recessed downlight dimmable is a new design in the lighting industry. The dimmable recessed lighting allows you to adjust the color of the recesse

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Jun 09 2022

Do Led Downlights Need to be Fire Rated?

It is necessary to use fire-rated led downlights because when the fire happens, the downlight recessed light hole is a gateway that let the fire easy to spread through. And the fire rated downlights are able to slow down

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Jun 07 2022

Where to Place Recessed Downlights for Bathrooms?

A recessed lighting layout determines the lighting quality and the atmosphere in the bedroom. When comes to the layout of the recessed downlights in bedroom, you need to strategically place the recessed downlight to make

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