Sep 16 2021

Home Lighting Design Guide: No Main Light Source Design

Have you experience that you brought a seem beautiful furniture into the home, but you found it just ordinary after moving back home. They are obviously the same one, why its beauty gets greatly discounted when it arrive

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Sep 13 2021

Standard Deviation Colour Matching, SDCM

What is Standard Deviation Colour Matching, SDCM? SDCM is an acronym which stands for Standard Deviation Colour Matching, which is to distinct LED color variation level where the human eye cannot perceive the c

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Sep 08 2021

Purchasing Guide: LED Panel Lights

Along with the first launch of the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) in the lighting market, the lights manufacturers also develop different types of LED lights. LED panel light is one of the most popular lights in the market.

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Aug 31 2021

Few Tips for converting your home to LED downlight

LED technology is still a major trend in the lighting industry. Most modern families also consider converting the lightings to modern LED technology. Many lamps the old illuminants in the past can be easily replaced. On

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Aug 27 2021

What are dimmable Led lights?

With the development of the lighting industry, LED lights have dominated the lighting industry. Indeed, the LED downlight brings many advantages to us. On the other hand, technology has gotten more complex. There are dim

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