Gu10 Recessed Downlights | Mr16 Downlight | MR16 Or Gu10 Recessed Downlights F1201

Gu10 recessed downlights F1201 is a hot-sale product of Vertex Lighting. Speaking of the light source and integrated driver, we select high quality chip and dimmable driver based on Vertex new technology AC DRIVER with excellent dimming performance from 0-100%, flicker free, no noise. F1201 meets requirement of BS476, 30, 60, 90 mins fire protecttion. It owns relevant international certification, like CE, RoHS for EU market.

A fixed IP20 rated version of the luxury range of LED Gu10 recessed downlights from Integral. These fully integrated downlights contain everything you need including an LED light source and integrated driver.

Description: Gu10 Recessed Downlights 

Recessed IP20, round diameter Ø85mm, Ø65mm cut out , MR16 or Gu10 recessed downlights.
Model No.: F1201.

Brand:    Vertex/ OEM available.
MOQ:     1000pcs
Production ability: 100,000pcs per month
Payment terms: 30% as deposit and balance should be paid before shipment.
Original:   China
Certificate: CE, RoHS
Package:  White/grey box for inner package, carton for outer package. Need to collect extra fee for customized color box.

Features of Mr16 Downlight | Gu10 Downlights :

  • Changeable bezel, different color of bezel available;
  • Smooth triac dimming, 0-100% dimmable ;
  • Meeting 90 minutes fire rated requirements: BS476
  • Vertex AC technology, flicker free, no niose.

Detailed specification of Mr16 Downlight | Gu10 Downlights:



IP rating






Beam angle


Luminous flux


Fire rated

30, 60, 90 minutes

Luminous efficiency


Installation way



Pressed Steel

Lighting resource

SMD Gu10 bulb



Bezel color

White, Brush Nickel,
Black, Chrome, Brass

Protection Classes

Class I

Brand of led

Chinese brand led.

Brand of led converter

Vertex AC technology


AC 220-240V 50/ 60Hz AC120V(+-10%) 50/ 60Hz

Insulation Covered



Dimmable with leading OR trailing edge

Power Supply

DC240-260V, 14mA


Internal Driver

Power Factor



Over 40,000 hours


5 years warranty

With fast connector

With fast connector in terminal box


Fixed Version, Flicker free, No noise.


Mr16 Downlight | Gu10 Downlights Show: 

Mr16 Downlight
Mr16 Downlight
Mr16 Downlight
Gu10 Recessed Downlight


F1201 Gu10 recessed downlights can make a wouderful lighting ambient in rooms, kitchen, office, bathroom etc.
Gu10 Recessed Downlight

Vertex Quality Control System: 

Gu10 Recessed Downlight


Question: How to choose the right Color Temperature?

Answer: Color rendering and appearance are critical considerations in light source selections.Correlated Color Temperature(CCT)relates to the color of light produced by a light source,and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale.
Colorrendering index(CRI)is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors.The higher the CRI(80 and above).the better the artificial light source is at rendering colors accurately.
Warm White(2600K-3200K)is the warmest option that most closely approximates a standard halogen bulb.It is most often used in areas like living rooms.
Bright White(3200K-4500K)is a whiter light than soft white and is most often selected for kitchens and bathrooms or work spaces.
Daylight(4500K-6500K)is recommended for reading areas or for use in craft rooms and is a more bluish white that mos closely approximates an outdoor overcast sky.
Question: How many lights am I going to need?
Answer:  This question has no easy answer,as opinions on this subject vary greatly.However,a good rule of thmb is to take the height of the ceiling and divide it in half.This is the distance that each light should be from one another.The total number of lights will also be affected by the type and wattage of bulb being used.Spot lights with narrow beams will produce pockets or pools of light,while flood type bulbs will produce broader amounts of light.
Question: Are LEDs bad for your eyes?
Answer: Like any light source,if you stare too long it will cause some discomfort and or imaging.However,if LED products are used the same way traditional lighting is used,they will not damage your eyes.

Question: Why Choose Vertex Lighting?
Answer: With over 22 years in the lighting industry,Vertex Lighting is concentrated on researching and producing, innovative lighting products,supplying best solutions for electricians,to save time and protect their safety,and gives 5 years warranty for most of our products.

What is Gu10 Recessed Downlight?

Gu10 recessed downlight is a type of special downlight equipped with two short, square-ish pins protruding from the base of the bulb. And, the 10 refers to the distance between these two pins. Vertex’s downlight gu10 is a integrated design, including everything you need (an LED light source and integrated driver).

What are the Difference Between Gu10 Downlights and Led Ceiling Downlight?

The gu10 downlights different the led ceiling downlight from the design, installation, energy efficiency, and color temperature.


Gu10 downlights refer to a type of light bulb base, often used for halogen or LED bulbs. GU10 downlights use bulbs with a twist-and-lock mechanism, making it easy to replace the bulb when it burns out. The GU10 base is a two-pin connector.

LED ceiling downlights typically come with integrated LED modules. These modules are built directly into the fixture and are not replaceable like GU10 bulbs. They are designed to last for a very long time, often tens of thousands of hours, before needing replacement.


Gu10 downlights require a separate GU10 bulb to be inserted into the fixture. The bulb is installed by inserting it into the socket and giving it a twist to lock it in place. GU10 downlights might require a bit more maintenance as bulbs can burn out and need to be replaced.

LED ceiling downlights come as a complete unit with the LED module already installed. They are typically more streamlined and integrated, often requiring less maintenance since the integrated LEDs tend to have longer lifespans.

●Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of gu10 downlights largely depends on the type of bulb used. Traditional halogen GU10 bulbs are less energy-efficient compared to LED bulbs.

LED ceiling downlights are known for their high energy efficiency. LEDs consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

●Color Temperature

Gu10 downlights are available in various color temperatures and qualities, including warm white, cool white, and daylight. The light quality might vary based on the specific bulb you choose.

LED downlights also come in various color temperatures and qualities, but integrated LED modules are designed to provide consistent and high-quality lighting.

How Long Do GU10 LED Bulbs Last?

In Vertex, downlight gu10 can last over 40,000 hours.

Benefits Of Using Gu10 Recessed Downlight?

Using gu10 recessed downlight benefit your property a lot. In this section, the author would list the main benefits of using Vertex’s gu10 recessed downlight.

Sleek and Modern Design

Gu10 recessed downlights are known for their clean and minimalistic design. They create a sleek and modern appearance in any space, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the room.

Focused Lighting

These downlights are designed to direct light downward in a concentrated beam, making them ideal for task lighting or accentuating specific areas, such as artwork, displays, or architectural features.


Vertex's gu10 recessed downlights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust them from 0% to 100%. This feature is particularly useful in spaces where versatile lighting levels are desired, such as living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms.


Due to its recessed design, the gu10 recessed downlight usually be installed within the ceiling, saving valuable floor and wall space. This is especially beneficial in rooms with low ceilings or limited space.

What is Mr16 Downlight?

The mr16 downlight is a directional lighting fixture specially designed for the smallest of areas lighting up to full room illumination. MR16 stands for "Multifaceted Reflector" with a 16-millimeter diameter, which is a standard size for this type of lamp. As a directional lighting fixture, the mr16 downlight is commonly used in homes, offices, and commercial settings.

What Voltage is A MR16 Downlight?

Vertex’s mr16 downlight can work under the voltage of AC 220-240V 50/ 60Hz AC120V(+-10%) 50/ 60Hz.