Surface Mounted Downlight

What is Surface Mounted Led Downlight?

Surface mounted led downlight, also known as surface mount downlight, is one of the alternatives to the recessed ceiling light or gimbal downlights. As its name implies, the surface mount downlight is mounted on the surface of the ceiling. It is a popular lighting solution in a residential and commercial installations.

Benefits of Surface Mounted Downlights?

Vertex surface mounted downlight come with smart bracket for surface installation and. It will be helpful to short around 50% time for installation. Surface Downlights is a type commonly used in homes or commercial buildings where recessed ceiling installation is not possible, for example in concrete ceilings. The body of the fitting is clearly visible after installation. Surface mounted downlight are also used as the main area lighting luminaires. As they are visible the design can vary from simple to decorative to suit the architecture and design.