Aug 22 2020

Understanding Power Factor of LED Downlight And How It Effects Your Electrical Systems ?

Power factor is the relationship (phase) of current and voltage in AC electrical distribution systems. Under ideal conditions current and voltage are “in phase” and the power factor is “100%.” If

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May 14 2021

The evolution of Vertex in past 20 years.

  Twenty years of trials and hardships, openning up the business. Twenty years of hard working and fruitful harvest. Twenty years of wind and rain, overcoming difficulty; Twenty years of conti

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Apr 22 2020

What are fire rated downlights and do you need them in your home?

If you’re changing or updating the lighting in your home, chances are you have discussed what you would like to use. Downlighters are arguably one of the most popular lighting options, however there are a few quest

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Apr 10 2021

What finish do you perfer for led recessed downlight ?

The downlight selection process can be a difficult procedure; choosing which finish you want should be the easiest decision to make. It doesn’t involve any real technical thought as it is purely based on aestheti

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Mar 26 2021

What is LED panel light? Is there any use?

The shape of LED panel lights is similar to ordinary panel lights, but the main difference is the light source. For ordinary panel lights, the light source is a fluorescent lamp, and the LED panel light source is an LED

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