Nov 15 2021

What's trimless downlight / spotlight ?

What's trimless lighting ?  A flush solution of recessed lighting that allows the light to become an architecturally integrated element by omitting a visible front plate.   What's Benefits of T

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Nov 05 2021

Can LED Spotlight be Dimmed?

When we find the LED lighting can be dimmable, we also wonder can the LED spotlight be dimmed? The answer is obvious.  Yes, it can! If you want to buy the dimmable LED spotlight, you could read the detail page

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Oct 15 2021

Purchasing Guide: Best AC Dimmable Downlights

Nowadays, dimmable downlights also developed different types of dimmable downlights. AC dimmable downlight is an outstanding example. An AC Led downlight is a downlight that operates directly out of AC line voltage inste

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Sep 24 2021

4 Tips to Make A Perfect Downlights' Layout

Light has thousands of styles. If we use the lights properly, it could narrow the distance between people invisibly. Indirect lights and warm-toned light are the panaceas of the residential decoration which could form a

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Sep 16 2021

Home Lighting Design Guide: No Main Light Source Design

Have you experience that you brought a seem beautiful furniture into the home, but you found it just ordinary after moving back home. They are obviously the same one, why its beauty gets greatly discounted when it arrive

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