Downlight fixtures V1214 | Gu10 Down Lights | Gu10 Recessed Downlights


Recessed round diameter Ø85mm, Ø68mm cut out, Gu10 or MR16 downlight fixtures.
Model No.: V1214

Brand:    Vertex
MOQ:     1000pcs
Production ability: 100,000pcs per month
Payment terms: 30% as deposit and balance should be paid before shipment.
Original:   China
Certificate: CE, 
Package:  White/grey box for inner package, carton for outer package. Need to collect extra fee for customized color box.

Detailed specification of downlight fixtures:



IP rating






Beam angle


Luminous flux

380 lm

Fire rated


Luminous efficiency

76 lm/W

Installation way



Pressed Steel

Lighting resource

SMD led


5 W

Bezel color

White, Brush Nickel,

Protection Classes

Class I

Brand of led

Chinese brand led.

Brand of led converter

Vertex AC Technology


AC 220-240V 50/ 60Hz AC120V(+-10%) 50/ 60Hz

Insulation Covered


Dimmable with leading OR trailing edge
Power Supply

DC240-260V, 14mA


Internal Driver

Power Factor



Over 40,000 hours


5 year warranty

With fast connector

With 3 or 5 wires fast connector in terminal box.


Tilt Version, flicker free, no noise.

ceiling downlight led

Introduction to Gu10 Recessed Downlights

Designed for a Ø85mm recessed round fixture, featuring a Ø68mm cut-out, our gu10 recessed downlight boasts versatility that suits a variety of settings. Whether it's illuminating your living room, bedroom, or any indoor space, this type of g10 downlights adds a touch of modern elegance to your surroundings.

Equipped with the latest SMD LED technology, our GU10 recessed downlight delivers exceptional brightness while maintaining energy efficiency. Choose from a range of color temperature options – 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K – to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you prefer warm and cozy or cool and invigorating lighting, we've got you covered.
Crafted from high-quality pressed steel, this gu10 recessed downlight not only ensures durability but also exudes a sense of refinement. The 40° beam angle provides focused illumination, making it an ideal choice for accentuating specific areas or creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout your space.

Are GU10 Downlights Fire Rated?

It depends on which model of gu10 down lights you choose. These V1214 downlight fixtures are not fire rated.

What are Gu10 Tilt Downlights?

GU10 tilt downlights refer to a type of recessed lighting fixture that uses GU10 light bulbs and has the additional feature of being adjustable or tiltable. The GU10 part of the name refers to the type of socket the downlight uses for the light bulb.

Here are the key features of GU10 tilt downlights:

GU10 Socket: GU10 is a common type of socket for light bulbs. It is a twist-and-lock socket that holds the light bulb securely in place.

Tilt Functionality: The "tilt" aspect means that the downlight can be adjusted or tilted in a specific direction. This allows you to direct the light beam to a particular area or object, providing flexibility in lighting design.

Recessed Installation: Tilt downlights are typically installed into the ceiling in a recessed manner. This creates a clean and streamlined look, as the fixture is embedded in the ceiling, with only the light bulb and trim visible.

Adjustable Angle: The tilt feature allows you to change the angle of the light beam, making it suitable for highlighting specific areas, artworks, or architectural features.

GU10 tilt downlights are commonly used in residential and commercial settings for accent lighting, task lighting, or general illumination where adjustable directional lighting is desired. They come in various designs and finishes to match different interior styles. When installing or choosing GU10 tilt downlights, it's important to consider factors such as beam angle, color temperature, and compatibility with dimmer switches if needed.