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RGB led ceiling lights is made from premium metal powder coated. This ceiling lamp is long-lasting and energy-efficient. it is beautifully designed.

it will not only provide a beautiful surface led ceiling light but also enhance the lighting performance for your home. Elegant and radiant, this lamp will make a style statement in living room, hallway, dining room, bedroom, kitchen , office and bathroom gate and porch areas and more.

Additionally, this lamp comes with an all-fitting fixture, installation clips, loop-out and loop-in terminals and screws.

We have ON/OFF ceiling light, triac dimmable ceiling light, 3CCT changeable ceiling light, remote control ceiling light and smart ceiling light which compatible with Zigebee or Tuya smart. Smart ceiling light could work with Hue, Google home and some customized app. 

Description Rgb Ceiling Lights: 

Recessed IP44, round Ø500mm, 65mm height , 36W RGB led ceiling lights.
Model No.: CL3601-RGB
Brand:    Vertex/ODM
MOQ:     500pcs
Production ability: 100,000pcs per month
Payment terms: 30% as deposit and balance should be paid before shipment.
Original:   China
Certificate: CE,RoHS
Package:  White/grey box for inner package, carton for outer package. Need to collect extra fee for customized color box.

Detailed specification of RGB Ceiling Lights :



IP rating



5000K RGB


(>90 available)

Beam angle


Luminous flux


Fire rated


Luminous efficiency


Installation way

Surface mounted



Lighting resource

SMD led



Bezel color

White, black and other customizable color.

Protection Classes

Class II

Brand of led

Lumis, Chinese brand led

Brand of led converter



AC 220-240V 50/ 60Hz AC120V(+-10%) 50/ 60Hz

Insulation Covered



Zigbee, Tuya, Wiz or other

Power Supply

DC 600V 60mA


Internal Driver

Power Factor



Over 40,000 hours


5 years warranty

With fast connector

With fast connector in terminal box available


Tilt Version

Vertex Quality Control System: 

rgb ceiling lights

FAQ about Rgb Ceiling Lights

Question: How to choose the right Color Temperature?

Answer: Color rendering and appearance are critical considerations in light source selections.Correlated Color Temperature(CCT)relates to the color of light produced by a light source,and uses the Kelvin temperature measurement scale.
Colorrendering index(CRI)is a measure of how accurately an artificial light source displays colors.The higher the CRI(80 and above).the better the artificial light source is at rendering colors accurately.
Warm White(2600K-3200K)is the warmest option that most closely approximates a standard halogen bulb.It is most often used in areas like living rooms.
Bright White(3200K-4500K)is a whiter light than soft white and is most often selected for kitchens and bathrooms or work spaces.
Daylight(4500K-6500K)is recommended for reading areas or for use in craft rooms and is a more bluish white that mos closely approximates an outdoor overcast sky.
Question: How many lights am I going to need?
Answer:  This question has no easy answer,as opinions on this subject vary greatly.However,a good rule of thmb is to take the height of the ceiling and divide it in half.This is the distance that each light should be from one another.The total number of lights will also be affected by the type and wattage of bulb being used.Spot lights with narrow beams will produce pockets or pools of light,while flood type bulbs will produce broader amounts of light.
Question: Are LEDs bad for your eyes?
Answer: Like any light source,if you stare too long it will cause some discomfort and or imaging.However,if LED products are used the same way traditional lighting is used,they will not damage your eyes.

Question: Why Choose Vertex Lighting?
Answer: With over 22 years in the lighting industry,Vertex Lighting is concentrated on researching and producing, innovative lighting products,supplying best solutions for electricians,to save time and protect their safety,and gives 5 years warranty for most of our products.

What is the Purpose of Rgb Lighting?

The rgb ceiling lights are versatile and popular in many circumstance, because the rgb ceiling lights involves the use of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that can emit different colors by combining varying intensities of red, green, and blue light.

●Ambient Lighting and Mood Enhancement

As the above metioned, the rgb ceiling lights emit various colors with the different combination of intensities of red, green, and blue light. Therefore, they always can produce the proper color to create the atmosphere. For example, soft and warm colors like orange and red can create a cozy atmosphere, while cool colors like blue and green might promote relaxation.

●Entertainment and Gaming Equipment

With its mood enhancement feature, the rgb led downlights can be used into the gaming setups, home theaters, and entertainment centers. The rgb led downlights can be synchronized with music, movies, or games to enhance the immersive experience.

●Visual Appeal and Aesthetics

To attract the consumers'eyes, it is important for manufacturer and supplier to design a good product appearance. Then, the rgb led downlights are a good option. They can add a vibrant and eye-catching element to various products and environments, from computer cases and mobile phones to cars and architectural designs.

●Branding and Marketing

Installing rgb ceiling lights in the store or exhibition is a good promotion method. Businesses use rgb ceiling lights to align with their brand colors and create recognizable visual elements. Retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues can use rgb ceiling lights to attract attention and create a unique identity that stands out to customers.

●Therapeutic and Wellness Applications

The rgb led downlights not only be seen in commercial use but also be found in the medical therapy use. In some settings, RGB lighting is used for therapeutic and wellness purposes. Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, suggests that certain colors can have positive effects on mood and well-being. RGB lighting systems can be designed to promote relaxation and balance.

Is Rgb Led Downlights Good?

The rgb led downlights are a good option, because they combines both benefits of led technology and RGB technology.


A variety of colors are selectable in the rgb led downlights, so you can create different moods and atmospheres in a space with a same lighting system. This can be particularly useful for events, entertainment areas, or places where you want to change the ambiance frequently.

●Design flexibility

The rgb ceiling lights also are flexible in their applications. The rgb ceiling lights work well with any type of lighting application, regardless of the size or shape.


Rgb ceiling lights can add a visually appealing and modern touch to your space. You can use it to highlight architectural features, create focal points, or simply enhance the overall décor.

Are Rgb Ceiling Lights the Same As LED?

The rgb ceiling lights are not as same as the LED. RGB ceiling lights are a subset of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights that offer the added capability of producing a range of colors by combining red, green, and blue light. In other words, RGB ceiling lights are a type of LED lighting, but not all LED ceiling lights are RGB.

What is The Difference Between RGB Led Downlights and LED Lights?

Rgb led downlights are different from the traditional led lights in color combination. On the one hand, the rgb led downlights can produce a wide range of colors by mixing different intensities of red, green, and blue light.

Downlight led rgb usually contains multiple LEDs (typically one for each color) and are often used in applications where color-changing and dynamic lighting effects are desired.

On the one hand, led downlights offers various color temperature by the change of the resistance. LEDs are semiconductor devices that emit light when an electric current passes through them.

Overal, the main difference is that rgb ceiling lights produce a wide spectrum of colors by using multiple red, green, and blue LEDs in combination. While, the LED lights refer to the underlying technology used in various lighting fixtures, and they can come in single-color or multi-color configurations.

Are LED or Rgb Ceiling Lights Better?

There is no the perfect answer in this question. It determined by yoru specific lighting needs. If you primarily need consistent, energy-efficient illumination, LED ceiling lights are the better choice. However, if you want to create dynamic lighting effects and enjoy the ability to change colors to set the mood or enhance aesthetics, rgb ceiling lights may be the better option.

Can RGB LED Make Warm White?

Yes, the it can. led downlight rgb can produce the warm white by mixing the primary red, green and blue lights together in theory.