What should I do if the led ceiling spotlights is broken and it keeps flashing?

Many people now have lamps installed in their homes. In addition to the lamps used for lighting, they will also install some spotlights, such as those installed on the ceiling of the TV wall. Then these Led ceiling spotlights are broken and do not shine. How to deal with flicker?

In fact, it is not difficult to replace the spotlight bulb. As long as the right method is found, the spotlight bulb can be replaced very simply, without having to hire a professional master to repair it, which is expensive and time-consuming.
So how to replace the spotlight correctly? First, you need to turn off the power of the spotlight to ensure safety during replacement, then use a flat-head screwdriver to pry up the outer ring to remove the entire lamp. After replacing the bulb, tilt the first side, and then push the entire lamp flat.

Generally, you can find the after-sales service of the sales manufacturer for the removed spotlight. Generally, the warranty of LED products is at least two years.