Jan 12 2022

Benefits of LED Light Downlight

When somone recommend you the led light downlight, you may have no idea what the benefits of them, facing a variety downlights. If you ask which downlights I should buy, I would definitely answer: LED downlights. So

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Dec 06 2021

Buying Guide: Recessed Lights for Kitchen

The recessed light, also called downlight, is the ideal lighting solution for a kitchen with low ceilings or a small-sized kitchen. Also, recessed lighting could be a stylish and functional addition to your home. When yo

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Nov 15 2021

What's trimless downlight / spotlight ?

What's trimless lighting ?  A flush solution of recessed lighting that allows the light to become an architecturally integrated element by omitting a visible front plate.   What's Benefits of T

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Nov 05 2021

Can LED Spotlight be Dimmed?

When we find the LED lighting can be dimmable, we also wonder can the LED spotlight be dimmed? The answer is obvious.  Yes, it can! If you want to buy the dimmable LED spotlight, you could read the detail page

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Oct 15 2021

Purchasing Guide: Best AC Dimmable Downlights

Nowadays, dimmable downlights also developed different types of dimmable downlights. AC dimmable downlight is an outstanding example. An AC Led downlight is a downlight that operates directly out of AC line voltage inste

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