recessed ceiling lights

Even if the hotel stay is long or short, it is the place that embraces us at the end of a busy day. In this area which is reserved for us, lighting is very important element to make us comfortable.

There are different lighting needs for workingreading and relaxation areas in the room. Therefore, different types of lighting elements should be used together in the room.

For example, task lighting should provide the light required for reading. Task lighting should not create glare and should not disturb the reader.

Double rooms should have separate task lighting for both guests. These lights should be controlled separately. Because when someone reads a book in bright light, the other might want to sleep.

Accent lighting can be used to draw attention to the decoration elements and create a different atmosphere.

Chandeliers or recessed ceiling lights can be used in the hotel room for general lighting purposes. For task lightinglamp shadestable lampswall lights can be used. For accent lightingLED light strips and directional spotlights would be a good choice.

Generally, 150 lux light levels are sufficient in the hotel room and bathroom. In the areas covered by the task lights in the room, 500 lux light level is recommended.

The use of warm white, yellow light sources in the hotel room will have a relaxing effect on your guests. That’s exactly what they need.

In the selection of fixtures to be used for the lighting of the hotel room, the overall design and colors of the room should be taken into consideration. Lighting fixtures to be used in the bathroom of the hotel room must be resistant to waterdust, and moisture. The body must be made of stainless steel material.

Control of the general lighting should be at the entrance of the room. Guests should be able to turn on the lights as soon as they enter the room. The light opened from the room entrance must be turned off with the key on the side of the bed. In this way, the guest does not have to wake up to turn off the lights before going to sleep.

Although comfort in a hotel room comes before energy saving, the savings to be made in this area should not be forgotten. It will be useful to use energy-efficient lighting technologies throughout the room.