What is A Fire Rated Downlight?

If you plan to change or upgrade the ceiling lamp, you may already have your choice. However, please, hold on. You should first answer a question: whether your downlights going to be fire-rated or non-fire-rated? Fire-rated led downlight is an important lighting option that can prevent the spread of fire. In this post, the author will give an introduction to the fire rated led downlight.

What is A Fire Rated Downlight?

The fire rated downlight is a special led downlight to help slow the spread of flames. Therefore, its design is also different from other led downlights. The fire rated downlight is designed with a built-in intumescent pad which quickly expands when it reaches a certain temperature, so it can effectively block the hole cut into the ceiling when fire comes.

What Are The Types of Fire Rated Downlight?

The types of fire rated downlight are determined by their fire rating time. The recessed fire rated downlight usually consists of 30-minute, 60-minute, 90-minute, and 120-minute recessed fire rated downlight.
The 30-minute recessed fire rated downlight is constructed with t a 600mm joist center with a single layer of 12.5mm thick plasterboard.
The 60-minute recessed fire rated downlight has a 600mm joist centre with a double layer plasterboard which is 15mm thick.
The 90-minute recessed fire rated downlight has a 450mm joist centre with a double layer plasterboard which is 15mm thick.

Why Do I Need Fire Rated Downlights?

Someone may haven't noticed the importance of the led fire rated downlights. Led fire-rated downlights are an effective and worthy-to-invest lighting solution for projects with strict safety requirements for fire accidents. Here are the main reasons why you need fire rated downlights:

Fire Safety

Safety is the first and most important reason why you need to install fire rated down lighters. The fire rated downlights can enhance fire safety in buildings. In the event of a fire, these fixtures help prevent the spread of flames, smoke, and hot gases through openings in ceilings and walls. This containment can buy precious time for occupants to safely exit the building and for firefighters to respond.

Building Code Compliance

Some areas may have specific building codes and regulations in the safety designs such as stairwells, corridors, and escape routes. Then, installing led fire rated downlights is a good choice to help the buildings meet compliance with these regulations which are designed to protect lives and property.

Maintaining Fire Barriers

The fire rated down lighters also help maintain the integrity of fire-resistant barriers, such as fire-rated ceilings or walls. These fixtures are designed to seal and protect openings created for lighting, maintaining the fire resistance of the surrounding structure.

Where Do You Need to Install Fire Rated Downlights?

As a matter of fact, led fire rated downlights can be installed in all areas of your house or buildings. Some areas are highly recommended install the led fire rated downlights:

●Fire Escape Routes

The fire escape routes are the most crucial area in fire accidents which help people escape from the fire. The fire escape routes include corridors, hallways, and stairwells. Fire rated down lighters in these areas help prevent the spread of fire and smoke, ensuring a safer path for evacuation.

●Commercial Kitchens

In commercial kitchens, where open flames and hot cooking equipment are used, fire-rated downlights may be required to reduce the risk of fire spreading to the ceiling and adjacent areas.

●Utility and Electrical Rooms

Rooms housing electrical equipment, such as switchgear or electrical distribution panels also need fire rated downlights, because they are the areas easily happen the fire when careless maintenance.

●Ducts and Shafts

Vertical shafts and horizontal ducts often serve as pathways for fire and smoke to travel within a building. Fire-rated led downlight may be needed to seal openings in these areas.

●High-Rise Buildings

Tall buildings, such as skyscrapers, have specific fire safety requirements, including the use of fire-rated materials and fixtures. Fire rated downlights should be installed in these buildings. If these buildings have no great safety solutions, potential safety risks in the buildings would exposed in the fire accidents.

●Hazardous Areas

Locations with a higher risk of fire, such as storage rooms containing flammable materials, may also require fire-rated downlights to mitigate the risk of fire spread.

Can Fire Rated LED Downlights Be Covered with Insulation?

Usually, led fire rated downlights allow to be covered with insualtion. However, before doing so, you need to check whether the led downlights are designed for insulation.
The ic rated led recessed lighting doesn't need to be covered with insualtion, because it is especially to be in direct contact with insulation without posing a fire hazard. The ic rated led recessed lighting has built-in safeguards to prevent overheating and maintains safe operating temperatures when covered with insulation.


All in all, the installation of fire rated downlights can help house owners and project contractors build up an indoor safety escape system. Then, the fire rated downlight is regarded as one of the greatest lighting products in the market.

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