How do we choose Anti-Glare led downlight?

Downlights and spotlights are common household lamps. Among them, there are many types of downlights, such as Anti-Glare led downlight. So, how to choose Anti-Glare led downlight?

1. When choosing the panel material: generally there are the following types: iron sheet, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel. Tin home decoration should be used as little as possible, depending on the material. It is mostly used for tooling. For home decoration, die-cast aluminum, aluminum or stainless steel is recommended.

2. Pay attention to the safety of the lamp holder: the lamp holder of the downlight is an important part, and the main material of the lamp holder is ceramic. It is also very important. The reed inside is important. There are two kinds of copper and aluminum. Aluminum is used. For the power cord of the lamp holder, you should choose the three-wire connection lamp holder.
3. There is also the reflectance of the lamp: the reflector is generally sand cup and light cup. The material is aluminum, which will not change color, which is also very suitable, and the reflectance is better. Some small manufacturers will use plastic spray to do it. This new process looks good, but after a while it will become dark or even black. The identification method is to look at the neatness of the cutting. The cutting of aluminum is very neat, while the spray is the opposite. The direction of the lamp: If the head space is large enough, buy the vertical plug directly. If the head space is small and the distance is not enough, the price of the horizontal plug is a little more expensive than the vertical plug.