4 Tips to Make A Perfect Downlights' Layout

Light has thousands of styles. If we use the lights properly, it could narrow the distance between people invisibly. Indirect lights and warm-toned light are the panaceas of the residential decoration which could form a soft and comfortable atmosphere. You don’t need to turn on all your lights to create the environment. Sometimes, you also could use wall washer downlights or indoor wall spotlights to create the style you want. 
Also grasping the combined skills of the lights not only maximize the lighting effects but also add an extra point for the space style and the health. Here are some tips for your decoration.

Tip 1: Not over use recessed downlights

The recessed light refers to a type of light embedded in a plane for the local lighting. The recessed light could highlight the partial area.
In the current decoration trends, many designers abuse recessed lights. Actually, if the space is over-installed with recessed lights, the lights would glare our eyes. Therefore, we can not live in an over the shining environment for a long period. The recessed downlights should be applied to the major lighting and basic lighting areas properly. We also could use dimmable downlights to adjust the lighting direction which could avoid overuse of the recessed downlights.

Tip 2: Reduce fluorescent lights 

Fluorescent light refers to a kind of cold light source, which emits light through excite fluorescent materials at high voltage. As a matter of fact, fluorescent light flashes at premium high speed. Although we can not notice this high-speed flash, our eyes still get hurt from this flash.
Of course, most families have already replaced traditional fluorescent lights with LED lights. There are some families that still use fluorescent lights as major lighting. From the perspective of health and energy consumption, we, lighting manufacturers, still don’t recommend customers choose fluorescent light.

Tip 3: Different Occasions, Different Color Temperatures

The business conference room should be decorated with higher color temperature lights. The higher color temperature lights could make attendees more focused on the meeting and discussion. For the rest and relax space, we should choose relatively lower color temperature lights, which could help people relax their intense minds. If we use the light source improperly, the lights may not provide the effects we expect.

Tip 4: Make Good Use of Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting also called reflected lighting, refers to the lighting reflect that the lights don’t direct at the object, but are reflected by walls, mirrors or floors and other objects that can reflect. This reflection could provide soft and comfortable light.
If we make good use of indirect lighting, we could avoid the lighting glare caused by direct light. Therefore, when we make the arrangement of the lights, we could design the hidden lights source to strengthen the local lighting.


All in all, when we arrange the layout of our downlights in the house, we should be aware of the combination of direct lighting and indirect lighting. We can not only use a single type of LED downlights that causes an unreasonable lighting layout. Furthermore, the lighting market offers different kinds of downlights for indoor decoration, we should make great use of this rich resource.