Ultimate Guide to LED COB Down Light

When it comes to choosing the led downlighters, most downlights manufacturers highly recommend the COB led downlights? As a person who know nothing about lights, you may confuse what it is, and which is better? Luckily, I will solve all your confusion about COB led downlights in this post.

What is COB Led Downlights?

With the development of the downlights industry, the led cob down light is launched and offers many benefits over the traditional led downlighters. Unlike the standard led downlights, the downlight led cob is basically constructed and bonded with multiple Led chips to form a single module.
Typically, there are more than 9 led chips in the one cob down light. Also, because these chips are mounted on the internal face of the downlight, it takes less internal space and makes full use of the chips as most as possible.
When the cob downlight is powered, it could look like a lighting panel rather than multiple individual lights to provide the lighting.

Advantages of Cob Led Downlights

As I mentioned, the cob led downlights offer many benefits to the users. But what they actually are? Today, allow me to illustrate what benefits the cob led downlight brings.

More Lighting

Typically, the downlight cob light adopts the multi-diode incorporation. This multi-diode incorporation could provide more lighting than the traditional one does. Because of the multiple led chips, it also uses less electricity to emit more light.

Less Failure Rate

Two factors make the cob downlight has less failure rate. The first one is the led cob down light has a smaller amount of welding points. Generally speaking, the less joint the light has, the lower the failure rate is. Because each chip of the downlight is directly mounted onto the substrate, it makes the running of the chip is smooth.

The second one is the cob downlight has a great performance in heat radiation. COB LEDs use a single circuit with just two contacts to energize the multiple diode chips it houses, which makes downlight cob light needs less chip for the running of the downlight. and provides a certain space to lose heat between two chips.

Reduce Electric Cost

Because of the unique installation method of the chips, the chip easily is mounted in an outside heat sink. If you keep surface cob downlight at a set temperature, the lights could run longer time.

The Disadvantages of Cob Led Downlights

As an old saying said, nothing is perfect. The cod led downlights still have disadvantages.

Need Well-Engineered Outside power Source

Because of the unique lighting arrangement, the led cob down light requires a stable current and voltage, in case of damaging the diodes.

A Well-Designed Heat Sink

Although the mounted chip could reduce a certain of energy, the diodes are still being destroyed due to the improper placement of the heating element. It is because the improper placement of the heating sink would cause the overheating.

Low Repairability

This drawback is the most important factor that you need to notice when you are planning to purchase for your project. When one of the downlight cob light chips is damaged, the entire cob led must be substituted with a newer one. As for the SMD LEDs, when one fails, it can be easy to be changed.

Which is better? COB LED or SMD LED?

Talking about the led SMD downlight, the comparison between SMD and COB is inevitable to be put into this post. I will compare them from multiple perspectives.



Smd led downlight (Surface Mounted Device LED Downlight) has a versatile electronic component that could be permanently fused to a printed circuit board. The SMD LED is widely applied to the light bulbs, string lights, and phone notification lights.

The cob downlights(Chip on Board downlights) is the advanced light in the LED lighting industry because they could make more effective energy use. Typically, the COB chips feature 9 or more diodes. But, no matter how many diodes, the cob downlights still have only a circuit and two contacts, shaping the panel look of COB LED lights.
Although these two types of lights have similarities in the diodes, the COB LED has more diodes.


The brightness is the most significant difference between them. Although they both are LED lights, the brightness of the lights are determined by the lumen output of the related chips. The SM applies 50 to 100 per watt, while the lowest measure of COB is 80 lumen per watt. Therefore, in this competition of brightness, the cob led downlights are brighter than led smd downlight.

Color Temperature

The smd led downlight is more adaptable and provides a larger range of options in color and color temperature. Because the diodes with three primary colors(red, green, or blue) are used in the smd down light, you could get any color from the smd downlight by changing the output level.
However, the COB has a limited capability of adjusting the colors and color temperature. Therefore, the led cob downlight is not adjustable.


All in all, the led cob down light is a practical lighting device at a reasonable price. It is the new trend in house decoration and office design. If you are hunting for the cob led downlight , you could contact Vertex, a professional downlight supplier.