Tilt COB LED Downlight

What is Tilt Led Downlights?

Tilt COB LED downlights are adjustable, simply angle the downlight bezel to direct light where you need it most. Perfect for kitchens, hallways and anywhere else you need some functional task lighting. Our range of tilt downlights are available in a variety of colours so you can find the perfect one for you home. Then, Vertex is an innovator of tilt led downlights and cob downlights, so it creatively combines both of them into one. Vertex adopts the benefits of the cob downlight and tiltable led downlight and launches the tilt cob LED downlight.

Can Tilt LED Downlights be Dimmed?

Yes, many tilt LED downlights in Vertex can be dimmed to adjust the brightness of the light. However, it is important to check the specifications of the specific tiltable downlight to ensure that it is compatible with a dimmer switch.

Can Tilt LED Downlights be Used in Outdoor Settings?

It depends on the specific fixture and its rating. Some tilt LED downlights are designed for indoor use only, while others are suitable for outdoor use in covered areas. For example, the ip65 tilt downlight is waterproof and can be used outdoors.
However, It is important to check the specifications and installation requirements before using them outdoors. Therefore, if you are looking for tilt downlights that can be used in outdoors, you can consult the seller and confirm the specification of the products.