What is Cob LED Downlight?

Since the invention of the led downlight, it keep the dominant role in the lighting industry. And, the led downlight is also continually being upgraded for its usability, adaptability, and energy efficiency. Cob downlights are one of the new versions of the led downlight, providing high illumination and having a lengthy lifespan. Under this situation, the author would discuss the cob downlight in this post.

What is Cob LED Downlight

Different from the normal downlight, the cob led downlight is equipped with the COB which is the mounting of a bare LED chip in direct contact with a substrate (such as silicon carbide or sapphire) to produce LED arrays. Led cob down light has a higher packing density of the LED array, so it provides higher lighting intensity and greater uniformity of light.

What are the Advantages of Cob LED Downlight?

Cob led downlights have a few obvious advantages that you may don't notice.
First, because of the compact size of the chip, it has high intensity and high uniformity. Even at a close distance, it still does good work. Furthermore, the cob led downlight provides bright and even light meanwhile doesn’t emit too much heat.
Second, it has a simple lighting design. It is because it only requires 1 circuit and 2 contacts.
Third, the led cob down light has superior thermal performance for increased life, stability, and reliability.

How Long Does A COB LED Last?

The lifespan of cob led downlight is determined by the techniques, usage mode, and heat exposure of the light. Then, under the assumption of the cob led downlight is used 12 hours a day on average, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours on average.

Is COB LED Dimmable?

A cob down light is a dimmable downlight. Four color temperatures are available in the classic dimmable cob led downlight: 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K.

Which Is Better COB or Panel Light?

Compared with the LED panel downlight, the cob down light has more diodes and a simpler circuit design. Then, the LED panel downlight has fewer diodes and a more complex circuit design, so the internal arrangement seems like a collection of small lights. By the way, the LED panel downlight is heavier than a COB light.

Which Is Better SMD or COB LED?

The smd downlight is better. Here are the two main reasons:
First, the smd led downlight has an even greater level of efficiency than the cob led downlight. The smd led downlight is able to produce more lumens per watt than the cob led downlight does. In other words, you can receive more light with less consumption of wattage. Second, cob down light usually requires a large heat sink to dispel the heat, because all the LEDs lights are concentrated in a single area. As for the led smd downlight, it produces a wider light beam and doesn’t require as large of a heat sink as a COB LED does. Therefore, if you use the led SMD downlight, you can reduce costs.


All in all, cob downlight is the latest and most advanced lighting solution in the current market. Compared with the older LED technologies, the cob led downlight provides brighter lighting and uses less electricity.