Recessed Lighting | Cabinet Light | Smart Downlight

Welcome to Vertex Lighting! We are a specialist in led ceiling lights and led downlights. With our independent factory and excellent R&D teams, we can provide your project with a myriad of led downlights, cabinet light, and smart downlights.
And, if you are the house owner, we also have a wide range of kitchen ceiling lights, bedroom ceiling lights, bathroom ceiling lights, downlights for living room to fit all styles of your house.
Vertex Lighting is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED downlights, cabinet downlights, and smart downlights. Founded in 2000 in Foshan, China, Vertex Lighting is committed to continuous innovation and strict quality control. The company's factory is located in Foshan, Guangdong, covering an area of 15,000 square meters and employing over 150 people.

Vertex Lighting's sales headquarters and product development center are located in downtown Foshan, occupying 1200 square meters of office space. The team at Vertex Lighting is comprised of innovative and passionate individuals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service and designing creative LED downlight products.

What is A Recessed Downlight?

A recessed downlight, often simply referred to as a "downlight" or "recessed light," is a type of ceiling fixture that is installed into a ceiling or wall cavity, so the light source is concealed or recessed within the surface. These fixtures are designed to direct light downward, providing ambient or task lighting in a room while minimizing glare and creating a clean, unobtrusive look.

In Vertex, we offer recessed downlights in various wattages to meet the various applications. Also, all the recessed ceiling lights in Vertex are certificated by  CE, RoHS for EU market and SAA for the Australian market. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the use of the recessed downlight.

What are Cabinet Downlights?

Cabinet downlights, also known as under-cabinet lights or cabinet lighting fixtures, are specialized lighting fixtures designed to be installed beneath kitchen cabinets, shelves, or other cabinetry.

The cabinet downlights can act as the taks lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. In the manufacturing of cabinet downlights, Vertex adopts the high quality chip and dimmable driver to ensure the excellent lighting effect. And, you can find anything you want from these integrated led downlights such as dimmable color, fast connector, various CCT, etc.

What is Smart Downlight?

With a powerful design team and excellent production line, we have invented the latest smart downlights. The smart downlights in Vertex are color dimmable and Bluetooth speaker+Zigbee Controllable. Therefore, the smart downlights allow you to not only adjust the lighting color but also listen to the music.