Anti-Glare LED Downlight

What Are Anti Glare Led Downlights?

Anti-glare led downlight will make the light more gentle and natural. Battfle downlights trap and shape light to minimize glare and reduce ceiling brightness, soften light output and help soften light glare. Baffle downlights are great for lower ceilings to creat a softer, more conforting light.

Benefits of Anti Glare Downlights

Anti-glare led downlight is a good choise for hotel, villas, apartments etc. Anti-glare LED downlight adopts a scientific secondary light distribution design. The inner wall of the reflector has a unique texture. It uses a new generation of nano-coating technology to further strengthen its deep anti-glare function to get UGR<19. There is no macular stray light in the output spot.

Now LED technology is very mature, we generally use CREE COB, CITIZEN COB. Color rendering index can be customized according to needs for anti-glare downlight, Ra>80, Ra>90, Ra>95 are available, SDCM<3, which can truly reflect the texture and gloss color of the object itself, and avoid the visual error caused by the light.

With an independent design team and production line, Vertex is capable of manufacturing delicate and quality anti glare downlights. Vertex only adopts high-quality chips and dimmable drivers into anti glare led downlight. All anti glare led downlights in Vertex are certificated with CE and RoHS for the EU market.