Ultimate Guide to Recessed Light:4 Inch vs 6 Inch Recessed Light

As a manufacturer of the downlight, Vertex notices that homeowners always have trouble selecting between 4-inch and 6-inch down lights. In this post, the author would introduce you to what is recessed lighting and make a comparison between 4-inch and 6-inch recessed lights.

What is Reccessed Light?

The recessed light downlight is the latest kind of lighting solution that can directly be installed inside a ceiling, wall, or another surface. It is consist of three main components, housing, trim, and bulb. The light housing is the bulk of the downlight fixture and is usually hidden within the wall or ceiling. The 4-inch and 6-inch recessed downlights are the common sizes in the application.

What Size Recessed Lights for Kitchen?

4-inch and 5-inch downlight fixtures are great best recessed lighting options in kitchens for providing overhead countertop lighting. A 6-inch recessed light downlight is the common option for general lighting purposes. Then, the 8 inch led downlight is the ideal wall washer downlights.

What Size Recessed Lights for Bed Room?

It depends on the size of the bedroom. If you have a large size bedroom(>350 sq feet), the 6 inch recessed light is the ideal lighting solution. As for the small-sized bedroom, 4 inch recessed light is a good lighting option.

4 Inch VS 6 Inch Recessed Light: What’re the Differences Between Them?

As you see, the 4 inch and 6 inch recess downlight can be applied to many spaces. However, there are some differences between them. In this section, the author would make the comparison between 4 inch recessed downlight and 6 inch recessed downlight.


The 4 inch recessed downlight has a smaller size than the 6 inch downlight. And, the smaller downlight tends to consume less energy for the operation, so it is more energy-efficient. Also, the 4 inch recessed downlight requires less material to make.


The 4 inch recessed downlight led is more modern. The delicate size of the 4 inch recessed downlight presents a more modern-looking. It also offers more options for specialty trims or gimbals.

Lighting Space

Generally speaking, the 6 inch downlight is regarded as the standard recessed light. The 6 inch recessed downlight is the first lighting option in most regular-sized rooms because it makes the room look better. Also, when comes to the lighting solution for the large-sized room, 6 inch recessed downlights could be the right choice. They look more proportional in larger rooms.

4 inch recessed downlight could make a visual illusion, making the smaller-size room look bigger. Although the 6 inch downlight is the standard light, you had better not install it in a small-sized room. It is because its size would make your small room seem compact visually. Small recessed downlights are highly recommended to be installed in the small-sized room.

Lighting Ability

The 6 inch recessed downlight is used for the general lighting. When comes to the comparison between 4 inch and 6 inch recessed downlights, the 6 inch recessed downlight is better in lighting ability. It is because it has a higher lumen output and a wide beam angle. 4-inch lights usually act as cabinet downlights to highlight surfaces or light up smaller closets.

4 Inch VS 6 Inch Recessed Downlight: Which is Better?

Since you have already known the differences between these two sizes of recessed light downlights. You may wonder which is better. My answer is it depends on where it is installed.

According to the previous section, we can learn that the 4 inch recessed downlight is the best lighting solution in a small-sized room and the 6-inch recessed downlight is the ideal lighting solution in a large-sized room.

4 Inch VS 6 Inch Recessed Light: How to Choose?

When you determine which size of the recessed downlight, you need to take these three key factors into the consideration.

Installation Location

The 4 inch recessed downlights make a better performance in the smaller spaces, so they are the great kitchen cabinet downlights and under cabinet downlights. If you want to install downlights in a large-sized room, the 6 inch large downlights are the ideal lighting solution.

Interior Style

The recessed downlight usually helps you create a minimalist style in your homes and business. And, the 4 inch recessed downlight is a good choice for you to create a modern and minimalist style.


Before buying the recessed downlight, you first need to keep your budget in mind. And the indoor led downlights are a bit more expensive than their counterparts, but you can buy fewer of these led lights downlights to create a similar illumination outcome.


When comes to picking out the best recessed lighting, you need to take the installation location, style, and budget into your consideration. It is because the 4 inch and 6 inch recessed downlight present you the different styles, lighting abilities, and prices.

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