Complete Guide: LED Panel Lights

Along with the first launch of the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) in the lighting market, the lights manufacturers also develop different types of LED lights. LED panel light is one of the most popular lights in the market. In the lighting market, Vertex takes a lead position in the market. LED panel lights are commonly used for interior decoration. Because of its simple appearance, you may have curiosity on why LED panel lights also have a part of the place in the lights market. The author would list the reasons why LED panel lights are popular with customers.

What are the LED Panel Lights for?

Aiming to replace the conventional fluorescent ceiling lights, the light manufacturers make good use of the latest LED technology to LED panel light. Therefore, the LED panel light could provide our users better lighting conditions. The LED panel light is constructed in two parts. The first one is a frame: a lightweight aluminum frame. The frame could not only provide the panel light structural support but also fix the position of the components of the LED panel light. Furthermore, it also could dissipate heat and prevent light leakage. The second part is a diffuser. Paced in the most obvious position, the diffuser makes the light evenly shine.

Advantages of LED Panel Lights:

Flexible Design

Because of the characteristic of the point-like light source, The LED gives a possibility to the designer to combine point, line, and plan into the design. Combining with the specific needs of customers, the designer could create different shapes of LED panel lights.

Excellent Performance

The mutual corporation between diffuser and guide plate provides users broad, soft, and even lighting. Furthermore, just indicated above, the LED panel light is the product with the latest LED technology. Such a latest technology allows instant start function. It also makes the LED panel light keep away from the flickering and RF interference issues.

Low maintenance

The acrylic is the material of the LED panel lights which shatter-proof, anti-corrosion chemicals. It also can bear the altering heat and cold and the wet conditions. Because of this high durability, the LED panel lights are the perfect choice for those places hard to maintain the lights. By the way, the LED panel lights have no potential hazard of overheating. It’s because the LEDs have no thermal effect.


If you are looking the LED lights for your office, the LED panel lights could satisfy your specific needs. Vertex, a professional lighting manufacturer, specializes in LED downlights, recessed downlight, spot lights and other products. The first step to purchase your ideal LED panel lights or other LED lights is click here: Find my dream LED light!