Few Tips for converting your home to LED downlight

LED technology is still a major trend in the lighting industry. Most modern families also consider converting the lightings to modern LED technology. Many lamps the old illuminants in the past can be easily replaced. On this page, you learn that the attention of converting LED.

Important factors before conversion

First, because of the variety of LED lights, it is not easy to convert your LED downlight. Before converting, we need to consider four factors: Brightness, color temperature, beam angles, and dimmable. Second, compared with old light sources, the Led technology is more complex and advanced. If you purchase the LED downlights without being well-informed, you can not purchase your ideal led downlights.


As above mentioned, the led technology is more advanced. The unit of the brightness of LED light is not watts and is lumens. If you want to convert the same brightness of the lamp, you need to find out the brightness of the old bulb and use the Lumen Watt Calculator to make the conversion.

Color Temperature

The variety of LED lights also make the variety of color temperature. The color temperature gives a description of the light color of an LED light. You could choose a specific color temperature in the specific application place. For example, if you want to use the light color that corresponds to the warm white light of incandescent lamps in the living areas, you could use a color temperature of 2700K of LED lights.

Beam angles
Unlike old light sources, the LED has extra directional radiation. If you want to get larger beams angles, you need to install several LED lights to expand the beam angles. For cultural buildings, such as galleries, museums, or others, we could choose LED wall washer downlights that can provide uniform and larger lighting.


Dimmable lights are one of the greatest inventions in the lighting industry. It is because it could change the brightness of the light by a dimmer. However, unlike halogen lamps, old incandescent lamps, not all lamps can be dimmed. When you decide to purchase the dimmable LED downlight,s you must choose the build or luminaire which are clearly marked as dimmable.