How Many Recessed Lights in Kitchen

Recessed lights always are the main trend in interior decoration projects. The sleek, minimalist design of downlight recessed light makes them integrate seamlessly with all interior design styles and can be installed in any space of any house. Because of the recessed design, they are the ideal lighting solution in the kitchen or kitchens with low ceilings. However, you may get into trouble with how many recessed lights are needed in the kitchen. Today, the author helps you solve this problem.

How Does Recessed Downlight Work?

Before, finding the answer to how many recessed lights are in the kitchen, you need to know the basic knowledge of the recessed downlight.
The light shines down from a recessed light in the shape of a cone. From a top-down perspective, the lighting seems like a circle of light. In typical lighting, the multiple circles of light get distributed evenly and intersect above the work plains. Then, we can summarize the amount of led kitchen downlights for a kitchen is relatively equivalent to the number of circles of light needed to cover the space with an adequate concentration of light.

How to Measure A Room for Recessed Lighting

Before determining the number of recessed lights your kitchen needs, you first measure the dimensions of your kitchen and do a simple math process. You need to multiply the length by the width to calculate your kitchen's square footage. After that, you multiply the kitchen footage you get by 1.5 to find the total wattage needed. Finally, divide this result by the wattage of the bulbs you will use.

You have a 100-square-foot kitchen and 5 watt led downlights.
100x1.5=150 150/5=30
In this example, you would need 30 low wattage led downlights.

How Many Recessed Lights Do You Need in A Small Kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, you could also install one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space.

What Determines the Number of Kitchen Recessed Lights?

During the calculation process, you may learn that several factors determine the number of downlight recessed lights you need. In this section, the author would summarize what determines the number of kitchen recessed lights.

1. Kitchen Size

As you know, the kitchen size is the starting point when you calculate the number of recessed lights you need to install. In addition to the led downlight ceiling light, you also can add accent lighting, ambient lighting, and kitchen cabinet downlights to your lighting design. And, you also need to be aware that you need to ensure the kitchen recessed lighting is even.
After finishing the general measurement, you need to create a specific layout plan that’s your road map for light placement.

2. Kitchen Ceiling Height

Because of the various size of kitchens and designs of houses, the ceiling is not all the same in the height. Most kitchens usually have a general height of 9-10 feet tall. And, some kitchens have special designs such as the arch, doliform, open ceilings, etc.

3. Type and Shape of A Kitchen

The type and shape of a kitchen also are important factors to affect the number and type of integrated downlights you use. The L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens may cause the problem the integrated downlights illuminate the flooring at sharp angles. Also, the illuminating of the worktop also gets affected. If the kitchen cabinets are on above the kitchen worktop, under cabinet downlights are necessary.

4. Size of Recessed Lights

The last factor is the size of the led recessed downlight. if you have vaulted or groin vault ceilings, you need to find the recessed lights that are angled to ensure sufficient lighting. Also, you need to consider whether the recessed downlight can travel down from a cathedral ceiling or not.

To prevent the wrongly purchasing of the recessed luminaire, most manufacturers of led recessed downlight usually tell you which height and angle it’s used for on the package. Here is a golden rule, the large downlights are installed in the ceiling while the smaller downlights are for shorter distances.


Deciding the amount of and the installation place of the led downlight is the important thing in your decoration design. They would directly determine whether you have sufficient lighting in the kitchen. If you have the perfect lighting plan, you could easily cook dinner in the kitchen workspace.
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