Nov 29 2022

What type of led ceiling light is suitable for your house?

With the development of technology and marketing, lighting products are becoming increasingly varied and muti-functional, led ceiling light is the same. We always get stuck when we face how to choose ceiling lights for o

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Nov 17 2022

Top advantages of led lighting

LED lighting represents the latest development in the lighting industry. The energy efficiency and considerable lifespan of LED technology holds all the potential for changing the way organizations brighten their facilit

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Nov 10 2022

Led ceiling lights application guidance.

Today, people like led ceiling lights no longer just for the fundamentals. Although the utility lighting and white fluorescent bulbs will light your house, it deserves a special introduction. For instance, recessed ceili

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Oct 21 2022

What is Cob LED Downlight?

Since the invention of the led downlight, it keep the dominant role in the lighting industry. And, the led downlight is also continually being upgraded for its usability, adaptability, and energy efficiency. Cob downligh

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Oct 10 2022

Ultimate Guide to Recessed Light:4 Inch vs 6 Inch Recessed Light

As a manufacturer of the downlight, Vertex notices that homeowners always have trouble selecting between 4-inch and 6-inch down lights. In this post, the author would introduce you to what is recessed lighting and make a

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