What type of led ceiling light is suitable for your house?

With the development of technology and marketing, lighting products are becoming increasingly varied and muti-functional, led ceiling light is the same. We always get stuck when we face how to choose ceiling lights for our own house. These are on/off led ceiling light, dimmable led ceiling light, sensor led ceiling light, remoter control led ceiling light and wireless led ceiling light. How do we make decisions?

1. On/off led ceiling light

This is a basic version for led ceiling light. If you have no requirement on dimming function and RGB light. It’s a high-cost-performance version. You can spend more money on other decorations after choosing this one.
led downlight ceiling light

2. Dimmable led ceiling light.

These are three main dimming way for led ceiling light, triac dimmable led ceiling light, 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable led ceiling light and DALI led ceiling light. You have to choose one from them based on the control system for your own house.
dimmable downlights

3. Sensor led ceiling light

The use of induction ceiling lights is very specific. Sensor led ceiling light are special for hallway, doorway, garage etc these places that people won’t stay for a long while at. Sensor led ceiling light will more energy-saving solution.

4. Remoter control led ceiling light

Remote control is most efficient way to realize an intelligent product. You can freely control the brightness and light color of led ceiling light by a remote controller. But you will meet some problems to mixing too many remote control led ceiling light. Moreover, it's easier to lose a remote controller.

5. Wireless led ceiling light.

Most of wireless led ceiling light are connected to a phone or tablet via WIFI or blueTooth directly or through a gateway. In this way, the brightness and color of led ceiling light can be controlled anytime, anywhere on a mobile phone or tablet. Even voice control can be make true when you connect with Alexa and Google assistant. Before enjoying your intelligent life style, you have to spend some time to study how to connect these led ceiling light with your phone or tablet at first time usage.
Wireless led ceiling light
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