What is LED panel light? Is there any use?

The shape of LED panel lights is similar to ordinary panel lights, but the main difference is the light source. For ordinary panel lights, the light source is a fluorescent lamp, and the LED panel light source is an LED tube or LED lamp module or LED lamp beads. The following is a simple analysis of the role of LED panel lights.

1. LED panel lights belong to the category of lamps and lanterns, which have strong anti-vibration ability.

In the LED panel light, the LED light source is a high-hardness resin, not a light-emitting body such as tungsten glass, which is not easily damaged, so its vibration resistance is high and its environmental temperature adaptability is strong.

2. The LED panel light has strong control ability.

The LED panel light can be connected to an external controller for a variety of dynamic program control, and can adjust the color temperature and brightness.

led panel light

3. Low power consumption of LED panel lights.

At the same time, the lighting technology of LED panel lights is an energy-saving lighting technology. The product does not contain mercury in the production process, has less waste, and basically has no pollution; semiconductor lighting is recyclable and reproducible, and is sustainable for the social and economic development. It plays an important role.

4. The LED panel light is a very flexible technology in the initial stage of product design. LED is a point light source. The engineering designers of LED products can flexibly combine points, lines, and surfaces to design various light sources with different shapes and different particles according to customer needs. The design is very flexible.

5. The luminous intensity of the LED panel light is higher and more powerful.

The LED panel light adopts a reflective plate sealing design, and uses high-efficiency light guide plates and aluminum alloy materials. The luminous effect is uniform and the light intensity is higher.