There are four ways to install LED panel lights

Led panel lights are also called led panel lights, and there are many styles and different occasions. The following briefly introduces the installation method of the led panel light.
The first is the installation method of integrated ceiling led panel light, which is suitable for installation on the integrated ceiling with keel.

1. Install the dragon skeleton, and install the gussets one by one, leaving a place for the panel lights.

2. Connect the circuit line, and insert the panel light directly into the dragon skeleton

The second, the installation method of ceiling led panel lights, is suitable for offline installation.

1. Connect the buckle that comes with the panel light under the sling, and put the suction cup into the sling. You can pull the suction cup to adjust the height of the panel light.

2. After adjusting the height, fix the 4 suction cups on the roof with screws, and the hoisting is completed.

led panel light

The third is the installation order of embedded LED panel lights.

1. After removing the gypsum board ceiling, replace the panel light.

2. If it has a spring buckle, place the spring buckle vertically and put it into the hole where the gypsum board ceiling is removed.

The fourth is the installation of ceiling led panel lights.

1. Fix the wall frame and roof or wall with screws.

2. Put the 4 fasteners that come with the panel light on the card position of the wall frame, and push the lamp toward the wall frame, the fasteners will be automatically buckled.