The evolution of Vertex in past 20 years.

Twenty years of trials and hardships, openning up the business.
Twenty years of hard working and fruitful harvest.
Twenty years of wind and rain, overcoming difficulty;
Twenty years of continuous development and the pursuit of excellence;
Business is getting better with each passing day;


The founder of Vertex, Laurence Wu, an outstanding English teacher, carrying the hope of a better future, started his adventure in the south of China.

Started from scratch, from selling reflector cup to selling die-casting light, from normal salesman to expert in this line of business, Laurence Wu overcame countless hardship and obstacles, he kept working hard and kept moving forward.

5 years of cultivation paved the way and built the solid foundation of his own business.


In 2000, the founder, Laurence Wu established Foshan Vertex lighting and electrical Co,. Ltd with a team of less 20 people. And started with producing and assembling of traditional ceiling light with aim of top production and quality priority.

With all the experience he gained and full preparation, Laurence Wu established Foshan Vertex lighting and electrical Co,. Ltd with an elite team of less than 20 staff.
With its own high standard for product quality and craftsmanship spirit, Vertex started its business from manufacturing and assembling traditional ceiling light product.
The history of Vertex at this point began.


After 2 years of tough times for a start-up business, 2 years of insistence on high quality, Vertex had became an excellent ceiling light manufacturer.

Moreover Vertex and its founder know that to achieve the further growth and development, Vertex must find its own core competitiveness.

Therefore Vertex made its Innovation-Differentiation-Development strategy, which means Vertex will not be satisfied with a single role of tradition light product manufacturer, but also the inventor of innovative light product, which brought Vertex into a new path of innovative development.



Under the guidance of Innovation-Diffierentiation-Development strategy, Vertex kept exploring new technologies, kept designing new product, applied many patents for new inventions, built its own intellectual property reserve.

With the cognitive upgrade and technologies support for the new product, Vertex invented its first fire rated downlight, which successfully entered the market of United Kingdom.

During this period, Vertex also moved a significant step forward, which is to transfer to a new factory located at Geely Industry Zone in Foshan, to expand its massive production capacity.


With the successful experience of fire-proof downlight in UK market, Vertex brought its product landed on the other part of the continent of Europe(German, Norway etc.) and Oceania(New Zealand).

During this period, Vertex's overseas sales and market share kept increasing due to its innovative product and reliable high product quality.

Through many challenges and iteration of new technology/product, Vertex had became a leading company in fire rated downlight business.




The era of LED began, Vertex swiftly detected the potential of this new technology, set up a new R&D department for LED technology light product.

Benefit from many years of innovation experience and craftsmanship spirit, Vertex as first in the world lauched COB LED downlight, which not only proved the innovation ability of Vertex but also helped Vertex and its clients doubled their sales.

Therefore Vertex officially entered the LED industry and opened a new market for itself.


During this period, to reinforce its overall capacity, Vertex planned and achieved goals as follows:
1. Found its own marketing and research center in the downtown of Foshan City.
2. Invested millions of CNY into staff training&development program.
3. Adjusted and upgraded management systems.
4. Kept designing new product with over 200 new patents, granted national high-new technology company award.

Meanwhile, with the responsibility of a successful company, Vertex not only take care of its own employees,but also participated in public welfare charity program such as supporting poor children for education.


Despite the global pandemic of Covid-19 and its huge impact on economic activities and people's daily life, Vertex sill managed to achieve both increase on sales and revenue.

Meanwhile, to fulfill the increased market demand and further development of The Company , Vertex established a new factory at LongJiang town of Shunde district.

With the support of all these, Vertex started its new Platformzation strategy, Human Resources strategy.



The future of Vertex lighting.

As a manufacturer, an inventor and a specialist in lighting industry over 20 years, Vertex insist on innovation, embrace new technology and challenge, working hard as the leader of market with attitude and style of high efficiency, opening, sharing. We are dedicated to create the first product and become the first brand in the segment filed. We are looking forwarder to a brighter future for Vertex.