The current status of the driving power supply for the key components of LED panel lights.

LED panel lights can best reflect the application state of lighting fixtures that "see the light but not the light". It has the advantages of average lighting, gentle and quiet, clean and light, and takes into account the advantages of anti-mosquito, anti-smoke system, anti-fog and easy-to-clean. Its design is simple and easy to integrate with the decoration ceiling control module. Therefore, the integrated gusset has a huge application advantage in the bathroom and kitchen area where the natural environment is very complex and the indoor space is small.

At the same time, LED panel lights also have many characteristics such as low power, green environmental protection, long life, application economic development, high-tech fashion trends, and convenient use. Here, we will analyze the status of LED panel lights from a technical perspective.

First, the LED light source components used in LED panel lights at this stage.

Due to the characteristics of fine specifications, suitable output power, high special effects, easy light control and heat pipe heat dissipation, today's LED panel lights start from 3528 at the beginning to 3014, 2835 afterwards, to the key selection of SMD4014 LED lamp beads at this stage.

Second, the current status of key components drive power.

Since LED LED lamp beads belong to the integrated circuit process of bottom voltage start, the most basic requirement is to select a paired bottom voltage switching power supply driver, and stipulate a constant current amount. If the current amount is too high, the light loss will be fast and the time will be longer. The lamp is extremely dim and even burns out.

Third, there are several key technical specifications for LED drive power at this stage:

1. Resistance-capacitance step-down: the plan is simple, with few components, low cost, and non-constant current. The key is to use 3W and the following LED lamp equipment, and there is a risk of thermal breakdown of the lamp board and lead to power loss, so it is required that the entire lamp structure is indispensable with an insulating layer.

2. Non-isolated power supply: The cost is moderate, and IC constant current is used, but there is also the risk of thermal breakdown leading to power loss. It also stipulates that the entire lamp structure must have an insulating layer.

3. Isolated power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good safety factor.