Spotlights VS Downlights - What's the difference ?

Consumers often get mixed up with spotlights and downlights, let me explain the difference. A spotlight is a surface mounted light fitted that either has a single, double, tripe or quad spots. They are frequently used in kitchens but are also used in living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Unlike spotlights, downlights are recessed mounted into the ceiling.  |led spotlight ceiling

Spotlights are an ideal way to direct light in your home, making it easy to highlight specific objects or illuminate certain areas when recessed downlights are not a viable option. Spotlights operate in a similar way to downlights but are usually surface mounted, although they are available in many design variations. LED spotlights are often used as a longer lasting, energy efficient and reliable light source, particularly in the case of bathroom spotlights.

Spotlight Design and Use

Spotlights range from individual to twin, triple or quad spotlights, and are usually mounted on a mounting plate or fixing bracket. LED spotlights are often used in kitchen lighting applications or as bathroom spotlights, although they have many other uses within the home. Triple or quad spotlights can be used as the primary source of light in living rooms, kitchens etc.

Downlights Direct is now a main distributor of the entire Phillips Massive range of lighting and lighting accessories. The spotlights in this section are part of the Philips Massive range and are mainly fitted with GU10 lamp holders. GU10 lamps operate directly from mains voltage, unlike MR16 (GU5.3) which are low voltage and require a 12V transformer or special LED driver. We have a large selection of high quality GU10 LED lamps which can be easily retrofitted into the majority of these spotlights allowing you to create an LED spotlight.

Spotlights or Downlights?

Spotlights operate in a similar way to downlights, but are usually surface mounted. Spotlights are ideal for directing light onto specific objects such as cabinets or picture frames and can be used when recess mounting is not an option. Spotlights can be supplied any many variations and designs, ranging from individuals to twin, triple or quad spotlights mounted on a matching plate track. Triple or quad spotlights are often used as the sole source of light in living rooms or kitchens etc.

When a larger amount of spotlights are required, or for commercial purposes like shops, a track lighting system can be used. This allows a row of spotlights to be positioned along a length of lighting track, the spotlights can be moved around at anytime to suite the environment.