What Is An IP Rating

What is an IP Rating?

The IP rating is the abbreviation of an Ingress Protection mark, sometimes is a synonym of the International Protection mark. Generally, an IP rating is a two-digit grading system. This system is applied to the electrical item or enclosure of a mechanical, giving customers a clear guide of the trait of the items. Each digit in the IP rating system has its specific meaning.
The first number: The level of protection against ingress of solids, including dust, dirt, debris, and accidental contact.
The second number: the level of protection against ingress of liquids, including water, chemicals, and any other liquids that may be present in the device’s environment.
Here, the author lists an IP rating table to show you what each digit in a standard IP code means.

IP rating for downlights

Generally, IP65 is one of the most widely used rating levels in downlights. Because of its longevity and durability in adverse weather conditions, it could be installed in a variety of spaces. For indoor use, installing IP65 downlights in the kitchen could be your wise idea. If you plan to install IP65 downlights for your bathroom, you should notice that a bathroom is split into 4 zones. IP65 rated lights should be installed in Zone 1. The author has written the related article, you could click here: LED Downlights Buyer's Guide: Which Type of Downlights meets your home need? to know more details!
V6064C, 6W ip65 mini led downlights, can be installed in some small hole(55mm). Adopted by high quality chip and dimmable driver, it has stable light output. It also owns relevant international certifications, such as CE, RoHS for EU market and SAA for Austrialian market.

Furthermore, along with the development of the downlights industry, IP downlights seem to be standard. Some functional downlights such as adjustable downlights, dimmable led downlights also have IP rating levels. Therefore, if you want to purchase the IP rating downlights, you only need to notice whether the downlight has an IP signal.
Additionally, although IP65 could offer you high-level dust and water protection, you could also choose an IP44 downlight if you only need simple splash protection. It not only meets your needs but also save your cost.


In electric items, IP rating is an important standard that offers our customers or users a clear hint and convenient way to assess the functional performance of downlights in diverse environmental conditions. If you consider buying IP65 downlights, we would offer you high-quality downlights products. As an OEM/ODM producer, we have confidence in providing top-quality production.