Home Lighting Design Guide: No Main Light Source Design

Have you experience that you brought a seem beautiful furniture into the home, but you found it just ordinary after moving back home. They are obviously the same one, why its beauty gets greatly discounted when it arrives at home? As a matter of fact, it’s not that the furniture you buy is wrong, also not that the new home decoration is not beautiful enough. The major reason may be that the unreasonable design of your lighting.
The observant people may discover that the main light source is often absent from the lighting layout of the shopping mall. Most shopping malls only equip some auxiliary lights, which also can create a classic and beautiful environment. Also, today, more and more families or companies choose to select no main light source design as their decoration style. In this following page, the author would summarize several special designs without the main light source, which can not only make the indoor decoration more stylish but also keep beauty at 360 degrees.


Some of us may think that the dark entrance should have a main light source. Actually, only if the brightness of the lights is enough, you can just install a few downlights or spotlights. It still mee your lighting needs in the entranceway. Also, you could additionally install the virtual light to supplement brightness. The above designs not only satisfied your lighting needs but also offer you more soft lighting.


Living Room

The living room is the most important part of our decoration work. It could directly affect the whole decoration style of the household. For the lighting of the living room, you could install the ceiling spotlights which create a shaped lighting area. It not only upgrades the indoor beauty but also creates layers in the decoration.
If your living room doesn’t have a ceiling, you could install the spotlights as the lighting tools. The simple installation way of the spotlight makes the whole lightings more natural and comfortable. 
Some people may neglect the living room wall. Actually, you may find the wall is another beautiful landscape in the living room, only if you install the wall washer downlights.




The bedroom is our resting place which requires a soft light. Therefore, it is the most ideal place for no main light resource design. In addition to installing some downlights on the ceiling, we also could install the headlights or wall lights on both sides of the bed, which is convenient to surf the Internet and read at night. Such a method also will not affect the resting of our lovers or children.