3 Best LED recessed lights in 2022

At the beginning of the new year, we may determine to start a new life and set a new goal for becoming a better person. In such a situation, a new light could greatly lighten up your way. In order to create a new indoor environment, the led downlighters could be the first thing you should buy. Today, allow me to introduce the 3 best led recessed lights in 2022 to you.

Top 1 3000K Led Recessed Light

3000k led recessed light
This 3000k led recessed light is the great downlight for the residential house. It could be installed in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. With the high-quality chip and dimmable driver, these 8w led downlights could satisfy your specific lighting needs. You could adjust the luminosity of the light to get the ideal illumination. The 360 degree tiltable IP44 ratted version of this 8w led downlight contain all lighting elements you need. Furthermore, this type of led downlights supports AC220-240V 50-60Hz.

Top2 LED Downlight Ceiling

led wall washer downlight
This is LED recessed ceiling light. It is also an 8W downlight that is ideal for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. This 8W downlight is the anti-glare led downlight ceiling light means it would reduce glare lighting and bring and bring comfortable lighting effects. The built-in intelligent IC chip also provide soft and even lighting effect and high quality cob light source. This chip also ensure the lighting stability of the downlight. The unique design lens of this bathroom ceiling downlights makes goor use of the lighting. It has 80%light transmittance.

Top3 Downlight Wall Lights

anti glare led downlights
The wall washer downlight can not be absent from the decoration for creating new environment. When the lighting lie on the even and light color wall, a special and artistic views would come in front of your eyes. Therefore, the led wall washer downlight is the good light that upgarde your house design from the perspective of aesthetic.


Above three vertex light has different features that could meet your different needs on the lighting. The top one is the versatile light which covers all you needs. The second one is 8W donwlight which is one of the greatest bathroom led downlights in the lighting industry. It also is the ideal lighting solution for your bedroom and living room. As for the top3, it would be the great home furniture which improve the design of your house. If you are hunting for top quaity downlight , you could choose the Vertex, one of China’s leading downlights manufacturers.