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What is Led Spotlight

The led spotlight is originally used in the theater world to showcase the main actors. When the actors or actress is shown under the spotlight, they would get highlighted in the scene. Then, the spotlight gets developed into mini led spotlights to be used in residential houses as time goes by. They act as wall spotlights to make an emphasis in landscape lighting, so as to call attention to specific architectural or landscape features. 

Features of Led Spotlight

Vertex keeps its effort to research the latest and excellent ceiling spotlights. Nowadays, Vertex has earned hundreds of patent certifications. In the led ceiling spotlights field,  Vertex also invented a new fixture. Vertex's ceiling spotlights have a smart fixture which can help to short a lot of time and labor costs for surface mounted installation. Furthermore, Vertex's ceiling spotlights have a new structure, so they are easy to install.  The easy installation method would greatly reduce your labor cost and installation time.

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